Pallet Destroyer DBD Perk build (from Monto)

Thanks to Monto for this build. This build is all about zero pallet respect. Brutal Strength gives you increased pallet breaking speed, whilst Spirit Fury will activate after every 2 breaks – automatically breaking pallets when stunned. Coupling Enduring with Spirit Fury gives you a much faster recovery speed whilst pallets are automatically destroyed. Fire […]

The Sad Tale of the Principal Post by Junji Ito

Nestled at the end of Junji Ito’s story `Gyo`, is a four page one-shot story about a man found trapped underneath the main supporting post of his family’s home. As the mother and children are busy entertaining visitors to their new home, screams are heard from beneath them. And there inside the house’s crawl space, […]

Babysitter (Tomie part 16) by Junji Ito

What is Babysitter about? In Babysitter, the story is confined to one small room throughout its entire 22 pages. That small room has the look of a cell, but is in fact a baby’s nursery. The babysitter herself is a young woman named Erita, who arrives at an elderly couple’s home in the opening pages. […]

Little Finger (Tomie part 13) by Junji Ito

What is Little finger about? A father of four brothers brings home a new woman in his life. Her name is Tomie. As you can probably imagine, Tomie has an immediate effect on the brothers, an attraction that she returns. This chemistry between the brothers and Tomie takes its toll on the father, who soon […]