Pallet Destroyer DBD Perk build (from Monto)

Thanks to Monto for this build.

This build is all about zero pallet respect. Brutal Strength gives you increased pallet breaking speed, whilst Spirit Fury will activate after every 2 breaks – automatically breaking pallets when stunned. Coupling Enduring with Spirit Fury gives you a much faster recovery speed whilst pallets are automatically destroyed. Fire Up just gives you that extra speed boost for each generator completed – which will happen as there is no Hex: Ruin.

Spirit Fury

For every two pallets you destroy, the next pallet to stun you gets automatically destroyed

Brutal Strength

Breaking pallets and damaging generators is 20% faster


You recover from stuns 75% faster

Fire Up

Gain an action speed bonus for each generator that gets completed. 2 Generators done: 10% speed increase; 3 Generators done: 12% speed increase; 4 Generators done: 14% speed increase;

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