After about six months of owning the game, I have finally started playing Skyrim VR. And I’ve gotta say – it is so f**king awesome. Okay so the graphics are still of the game’s original era, but being in that world just feels so great nonetheless. I get those butterflies in my stomach as I […]

I’m sorry, dear website. I haven’t been paying you much attention recently. I have been busy writing on my Horror Manga blog, but that’s no excuse. In fact, I only mention it for the chance to create a backlink from this page. I promise I’ll start coming over more often.

Portus by Jun Abe

What is Portus about? In Portus by Jun Abe, we step inside a world that feels to me like a cross between the films Ring and Videodrome. It follows a schoolgirl, Asami, and her investigation into the mystery surrounding her friend’s untimely death. Although considered a suicide, Asami finds reasons for this to not be […]